Stop Illegal Immigration

  • Over 1 million Illegal Aliens in GA
  • Mass Detain and Deport all Violent and Felony Offender Illegals
  • Restore Gwinnett County and Georgia State Compliance with ICE 287G program

Improve Gwinnett County Public Schools

  • Major fall from Grace when I graduated Brookwood High School in 2010
  • Survey Teachers in Gwinnett on Biggest Issues
  • Decrease crime in schools, support school resource officers

Restore Support & Fund Law Enforcement

  • Restore Gwinnett Compliance with 287G
  • Law Enforcement, especially Sheriff’s office recruiting numbers are down 35-40%
  • Decrease 8th amendment violations in Gwinnett County holding facilities

Eliminate State Income Tax

How is GA #1 to do business with so much income tax?

  • At current rate, it will take 53 years to remove our state income tax
  • We just had largest tax surplus in state history
  • Expedite path to 0% income tax immediately